Sunday, March 29, 2020

Patreon Preview: Trader Guildfleets

Quite some time ago (December 2019, I think), I created a poll for working out the technological infrastructure of the Poll-designed alien race, the Traders.  I've been busy with other things, but I managed to get a total of 5 ship designs out for the Traders:

  • General Technological Considerations
  • Their Interceptor
  • Their Blockade Runner/Smuggler Corvette
  • Their Defensive Frigate
  • Their "Battleships"
  • And, of course, their Arks.
This is an incomplete document and I offer it as a preview to my Companions ($5+) patrons.  Don't worry, Fellow Travelers, when it's done, it'll be available to you too, I promise.  It's just messy as of yet, and I wanted to get some feedback before I make it available to you.

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