Monday, July 1, 2019

The July Roadmap

Normally I post this before the month ends, but child-rearing (and wife-tending) got away from me.

As usual, we had the patreon vote and that's what I'll be focusing on this month.  Expect to see:

  • A discussion of Gear in GURPS and how I'd like to tackle Abstract Wealth in Psi-Wars
  • A Revised Diplomat Template, and a discussion of the Cultures of Psi-Wars.
  • The Multi-Part Action Vehicular Combat system playtest. It's gonna be huge.
If I can get to it, I'd like to continue with:
  • The Eldoth as Conspiratorial Menace
  • The Vehicles of RedJack
Last month Patreon shows a surplus thanks to the elevation of one of our own into the Secret Council.  We lost one of my first patrons, though, a silent fellow who had bid more than anyone else until the Secret Council joined.  He never made us of his patreon benefits, which I always thought was a shame.  He'll be missed, but I'm also grateful he supported us for so long.

The blog also broke records when it came to views, but I'm pretty sure that 20,000 views over the space of a few hours is probably not coming from a single person.  I got spidered!  And it ruined my statistics.  Why am I still on Blogger?  I have no good answer for that.

In any case, thanks to everyone who voted and here's to the next month!

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