Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bonus Post: There's a Sale!

Hello, dear Psi-Wars reader!  I sometimes hear my readers comment on how they like and/or use my material "but don't have as many books as" I do. And I do use a lot of books, and part of the reason I do that is because those books are simply great, of course, and to show how you can use existing resources to create your game.  Thus, it's my intent to sell you the books you don't have, because ultimately this blog seeks to support GURPS. The problem is, of course, that books cost money.

Well, today, they're a bit cheaper!  As extra incentive, I've compiled a list below of particularly useful books that come up often in Psi-Wars, all of which are on sale!

  • GURPS Basic: Obviously, if you don't already have this, this is where to start
  • GURPS Ultra-Tech: This book is your golden standard for any sci-fi game, and Psi-Wars definitely makes extensive use of it.
  • GURPS Space: This book doesn't see that much use in Psi-Wars, and you can live without it, but if you want to build your own campaign material, it's a great place to start!
  • GURPS Spaceships: This is your system for space combat and for designing new ships
  • GURPS Psionic Powers: If you want to use psionics in psi-wars, you'll need this book!
    • GURPS Psi-Tech: Not strictly necessary, but some of the psionic technology I refer to can be found here
    • GURPS Psis: Also not strictly necessary, but interesting for grab-and-play psionic packages.
    • Psionic Powers is a subset of Powers, but Powers is still useful if you want to understand some of the optional rules I've implemented.
  • Need more communion?  Check out Divine Favor
  • GURPS Action 2: Exploits Psi-Wars is built atop the Action Framework, thus you'll need this book to make sense of a lot of my rules
    • GURPS Action 4: Specialists Not strictly necessary, but I use this to build my Psi-Wars templates.
    • GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 16: Wilderness Adventures Not an Action book, but I'll use this later to work out some rules for handling adventures on worlds.  An excellent book.
  • GURPS Bio-Tech: Strictly optional, but some of my medical rules derive from this, and its chock full of alien ideas.
  • GURPS Aliens A 3e book, but if you're hunting for Alien ideas, this is a good place to start
    • GURPS Aliens: Sparriels Looking for excellent 4e translations of the above?  Look no further than this series (only one book thus far)
  • GURPS Martial Arts You want Forceswordsmanship?  You'll need this book.  Chock full of the details on all my optional rules and a variety of my perks
  • The Power Ups series is full of good books, but two I often use for Psi-Wars are:
GURPS isn't the only thing on sale.  While Pyramid subscriptions aren't on sale, issues are!  I use lots of Pyramid articles, but here's some highlights
This is by no means exhaustive, but if you need a Psi-Wars shopping list, this is a good place to start.
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