Saturday, January 30, 2016

One month retrospective

That's what my views looked like this month: a straight wall up. Fantastic.

Some fun statistics: If I post it, people will come.  I have a slight spike on Thursdays, but basically whenever I post, I get about the same amount of people looking at things. My top 5 referrers are:

  1. SJgames (my thread, typically)
  2. Facebook (my promotions)
  3. Google+ (more promotions)
  4. Dungeon Fantastic
  5. Gaming Ballistics
The last is clearly Douglas Cole's efforts to promote GURPS blogs, including my own, and for that, I have to thank him.  I have no idea where the traffic from Dungeon Fantastic is coming from.  That's Peter Dell'Orto's blog (yes, that Peter Dell'Orto).  I actually checked and I don't see any posts or anything that sends people to my blogs.  Odd.

My most viewed posts are 
  1.  A New Years Resolution
  2. Create, Don't Convert
  3. The First Iteration
  4. The Second Iteration
  5. Dun Beltain
This is what I mean by "The same number of people will come and look," which probably means quite a few of you are just spiders or whatever, but the point is, the older a post, the more views it has, logically.  That said, you guys like the Second Iteration.

When it comes to likes, if I order my posts by the number of likes they receive, they are in this order:
  1. The First Iteration
  2. The Second Iteration
  3. The Bonus Post (Soundtrack)
  4. Leylana Grey
  5. Create, Don't Convert
I had expected "Create, Don't Convert" to do less well, as I expect people don't like to be preached at.  Shows what I know.  The other two surprises were Leylana's considerable popularity (Pretty pictures?), and the reception the soundtrack received.  I suppose Zack Prime was right about making this material available elsewhere.

I've managed to post every week, plus some.  I've also scheduled posts out to the end of April (I want plenty of buffer, and evidently I have it).  A quick preview of what's to come:

February: We'll finish up Iteration 2 with templates, more templates, background lenses, and then revised versions of our heroes and a new playtest to see how it all works.

March: We'll kick off Iteration 3 and look at technology. In particular, we'll look at setting assumptions (FTL, mostly), standard gear, combat gear and robots (including a way of turning the robot-body templates in UT into complete characters appropriate to Psi Wars).

April: We continue Iteration 3 with spaceships, spaceships, and oh my gosh, more spaceships. I bend, warp, mutilate and spindle the relatively realistic spaceship system into a whacked-out space opera fighter simulator worthy, I hope, of Wing Commander and the X-wing vs Tie-fighter action of Star Wars.  I hope you like math.

See you guys next month.

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