Sunday, June 27, 2010

WotG: Session 3 After Action Report

At long last, after many delays, we finally finished our introduction.  I focused entirely on the Great Game, and it went really well.  I managed to fix the problem my previous group had with the lack of kung fu in the game by offering Challenge Stones (for example, one player charged a group and I said if he killed 10 guys in 3 turns, he'd wipe some of the Force Stone off the board).  In general, I allowed alot more personal action, which I think the Great Game is designed to do.  As a result, everyone quite enjoyed themselves.

Except for Bee. Bee was bored.  She wasn't as bored, I think, as she let on, as she had things to do, but I think I see where she's coming from.  The introduction has been light and easy, a simple scenario meant to let you understand the game.  But it lacks the sparkle, the dazzle, the intensity that gives a game its X factor.  Bee is enjoying the game "well enough," and the rest are enjoying it quite nicely, but I don't want that.  I want them addicted and obsessed.  And that means kicking it up a notch.

I have two more games this week, one GURPS, one WotG.  I'll have to see if I can pull out the awesome in that amount of time.  Wish me luck.
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