Monday, April 5, 2010

Werewolf - The Final Offering Impressions

With my new Dramatic Combat system and some minor modifications at the suggestion of gamers wise than me, I thought that, perhaps, it was time to revisit Werewolf and see if it could hold up to my expectations.  And so, I agreed to run a Werewolf one shot for the Knights: Final Offering

Young Uratha Initiates have on final task to be accepted among the Forsaken: they must slay a demon. A servant of the Maeljin has secreted himself in a boarding school, and it's up to the werewolves to infiltrate the school and eliminate him. How hard can it possibly be for five werewolves to defeat one demon? Or pretend to be students?

I intend it to be like a mini-Slaughter City, a sandbox with about 20 NPCs, a rough direction for a storyline, and detailed setting information.  That way, it'll play differently every time I run it, and I intend to run it several times (perhaps even for my werewolf fans back in Kansas).

I'm currently working on the pre-made characters (pulling away from my "detailed/Interesting PC" model of the past in favor of a more Lady Blacbird style "Here's one character element that makes them interesting" and a solid build, as players never play "your" characters "correctly" anyway), and I must say, when you start getting into level 3 gifts, the characters quickly become more interesting than I anticipated.  I might be wrong about Werewolf being "too broken."  If you just loosen up the gift restrictions (You do not have to take gifts "in order, and taking gifts during character creation works the same as it does during actual play) and give the werewolves about 35 experience, you get some fairly awesome characters.  I'll share them later, perhaps.

Anyway, I'm excited, and that's a good sign.

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