Friday, November 13, 2009

Re: After Action Report: Final

Walter? Walter! Walter walter walter, walter walter. WALTER!

Wallllteeeer. Walter.


  1. Bone Gnawer -

    Oh what the EEFFFF.....


    some peoples kids!

  2. Hey! We're family, buddy boy.

    And by "buddy boy," I mean "Walter."

  3. "Hey, listen!" "Hey, listen!" "Hey, listen!" Only, replace, "listen," with, "Walter" ^_^

  4. Bone Gnawer -

    Kinda makes me wonder now how many posts from now on will have the label "Walter".

    As long as they have something to do with wild and out there ideas and sci-fi nifftyness then I guess I am a catigory all by my self!

  5. Remind me sometime to run Spirit of the Century for you guys

    We keep TALKING about a pulp game, but we never actually DO it.

  6. Bone Gnawer -

    Well, if Vampire doesnt get off the ground, after you've gotten ahold of Mass Effect 2 we'll probably be playing more Space Opera for a while.

    So I'll remind you in about four months or so! ;)

  7. Even if Vampire gets off the ground, around the time Mass Effect 2 is out, I'll really want to run Space Opera.

    Also: We beat the 7th Sea post. Wooh. This is better than a forum.


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